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Use these author sites on page to answer your questions.

While growing up Avi listened to radio adventures that greatly influenced his writing. In the All About My Books section, he tells interesting tidbits about the stories he has written. Ask questions and discuss topics related to Avi and his books through the online bulletin board. It can be quite fun, especially when you want to know Avi's real name.

Judy Blume
Did you know that Judy was scared of dogs, the dark and thunderstorms just like Sheila Tubman in Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great? Or that Judy's daughter took the family cat to college? These and other fascinating facts are part of the Kids area called Did you Know. Have your students sign the guestbook and read the comments others have written. All of Judy's books are listed with a brief quote. Judy also supplies funny yet candid remarks about writing.

Lynn Reid Banks
Lynne Reid Banks is a best-selling author for children and adults. Her classic children’s novel, The Indian in the Cupboard, has sold over ten million copies worldwide and was made into a highly successful feature film..

Jan Brett
Enter the world of Jan Brett and you won't want to leave. Not only does she share her beautiful artwork for printing, but complete background information about her books like Armadillo Rodeo and Comet's Nine Lives. Listen to her monthly hedgigram designed as a response to the email letters she receives from students. Watch a delightful streaming video of Jan as she demonstrates how to draw a hedgehog. Still haven't found enough to engage your students? Then, print out the colorful masks from her books like The Mitten or The Hat and have your students act out the stories or browse through the lessons in Piggybacks for Teachers. Jan Brett is truly a teacher's dream come true.

Betsy Byars
Follow Betsy's own cartoon timeline of her life. View photographs of her early years. Under the books section on the page you can click on any title and read the plot along with commentary written by Betsy Byars called Betsy Says. Writing tips and a guestbook are also available.

Beverly Cleary
Beverly's  own story is as lively and irresistible as any of her novels. She was born Beverly Bunn in McMinnville, Oregon, and, until she was old enough to attend school, lived on a farm in Yamhill, a town so small it had no library.

Jean Craighead George
Your welcome message on this page is from the author and her Alaskan Malamute, Qimmiq, via a QuickTime movie clip. In another movie segment George describes how she approaches her writing in the morning. You can listen to a couple of audio clips taken from One Day in the Woods, a release by Harper Children's Audio and based on George's book of the same title. For students she gives hints on how to work through the writing process.

Virginia Hamilton
Did you know Virginia Hamilton collects frogs? Visit her Web site and contribute a frog joke or listen to hers. Hamilton's personality certainly shines through as she tells her own story and describes a picture taken of her at age five. You can also find the latest about her books and upcoming publications. Be sure to e-mail her at

Daniel Pinkwater
At The (sort of) Official Daniel Pinkwater Web, tongue-in-cheek humor rules. Outrageously funny, Daniel Pinkwater responds to forum mail, a good place to follow all kinds of dialogue. There are RealAudio excerpts from Dog essays, sound clips for your Macintosh or Windows computer, and a list of Pinkwater's books.

J. K. Rowling
"I am an extraordinarily lucky person, doing what I love best in the world. I'm sure that I will always be a writer. It was wonderful enough just to be published. The greatest reward is the enthusiasm of the readers."

R. L. Stine
Graves come to life as you roll your mouse across the foreboding tombstones. It is a clever navigation trick for Stine's Website. His immensely popular scary stories serve as the backdrop for some great activities at the Goosebumps fun house. You'll never look at your hand in the same way after you engage in palm reading. Kids will love whipping up a batch of slimy stretchy stuff to squeeze and bounce. A brief biography about the author and a comprehensive list of his books round out the page.


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